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Consultants – did you just frame your customers?

Anyone who works closely with a customer needs to know the customer’s needs – and preferably their desires – to ensure that they remain a customer. Yet time and again I have seen examples where professionals simply don’t get the idea that most people react badly to framing questions. There can be no better example […]

On time and on budget can still be a failed project

Even the much quoted Triple Constraint model of Project Management fails to point out the one absolute, need to know fact that all project managers must understand to be good at their role. In Project Management, it’s not your project at all – you are simply a custodian for someone else’s deliverables. Forget this at […]

Kaizen – the journey that never ends

The scene: a martial arts class twenty five years ago. A few moments into our first exercise period, the visiting Japanese instructor sits us down and gently informs us that we are getting it all wrong. Peering past the pumping arms and into our minds, he recognises that we are looking at the exercise as […]

Pi for Everyone – a great learning tool!

There have been many references to a new computer on the market that costs less than £30 – the <a href="There have been many references to a new computer on the market that costs less than £30 – the Raspberry Pi ( ). A sub £30 computer sounds exciting enough until you realise that it […]

Unassuming Authority – Proactive Project Management

In many aspects of Project Management it’s vital that people understand not only what they are required to do, but the level of authority they have to act within. On a personal level, the degree of autonomy with which someone can work is important to the success of their contribution to a project and critical […]

Motivation – Are your employees Driven?

Happy, smiling and engaged employees are vital. And when they aren’t happy, the world tends to find out about it quickly. These days, a single disgruntled UPS driver hurls a package 100ft to a door and it’s a viral YouTube smash hit. So how do we foster engaged and productive workers? Daniel H. Pink’s Drive […]


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