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Trawling Wikipedia to produce network graphics

Paolo Negrini , one of my classmates from the Coursera SNA course by Lada Adamic has produced a substantial body of analysis based around interrogating Wikipedia. He has produced some beautiful and informative network maps that he has shared on his blog – available here. The linked page is his netowrk map of knowledge and art – a […]

Why Visually Analyse Information?

It’s funny how some of the most basic questions (how what why etc.) can be the hardest to answer.  Why is the one I hope to answer for you today having just been told – “I can see what you are doing is cool, but don’t see why are you doing it”. To an information […]

What Khan did next – partnering with Samsung

Samsung are working with Khan Academy to produce an installable app that can be used on their Galaxy Note. If you aren’t familiar with Sal from Khan Academy treat yourself to a catch up on this previous post. Edweek has an article here giving lots of detail but the executive summary is that three California schools in […]

Google Goggles have a rival?

According to this article Microsoft are creating a rival to Google Goggles. To be clear I’m not talking about the app for your smart-phone that identifies objects – i am talking about the ultra cool specs that provide real time data as a sort of heads up display as you walk around. As I don’t […]

Have you met Sal from Khan Academy?

Sal brings Chalk and Talk into the 21st Century. Sal is the sort of tutor that everyone wishes they had at school. His patient calm delivery of topics via video with a simple “chalk and talk” style and plenty (& I do mean plenty) of examples. I first stumbled onto Sal when I was floundering […]

Social Network Analysis – A quick guide

A Layman’s guide – As many of my friends have asked me to explain the “jargon” around SNA I produced this quick guide. It will be updated to include more examples and some of the more complicated concepts as time permits. SNA Guide

Is your click through count really a good measure of your social influence?

Dr. Michael Wu on social influence. Informing becomes influencing only when you persuade someone to change their behavior. It doesn’t matter how may people are informed of your message, it’s only when you act on it that you are an influencer. This is am excellent article – by drawing comparisons with other real world scenarios […]

FreeMind – Order from Chaos

It is nearly 20 years since I was introduced to the book that was to change my career – “Use Your Head” by Tony Buzan. In about 150 pages, this tome taught me to bring order to the chaos of my thoughts, solve problems effectively and make detailed plans. In short, it introduced me to […]

Sinofsky leaves Microsoft – what the heck?

Steven Sinofsky – The rising star of Microsoft, often tipped as Mr Bullmers replacement in waiting has left Microsoft. In a rush. Why is this important? Sinofsky is the co-author of one strategy with Marco Iansiti of Harvard Business School, the strategy guide that has formed Microsoft’s thinking since the windows Vista roll out […]

Every Schoolchild SHOULD have the chance to learn to program

Ian Livingstone – arguably one of the grandfathers of UK Game programming has waded into the debate about the lack of computer programming training available to today’s young people. His ideas are good but couldn’t we go one step further? Whilst it will take time to instigate formal computer training courses and up skill teachers […]