Sinofsky leaves Microsoft – what the heck?

Steven Sinofsky – The rising star of Microsoft, often tipped as Mr Bullmers replacement in waiting has left Microsoft.
In a rush.

Why is this important?

Sinofsky is the co-author of one strategy with Marco Iansiti of Harvard Business School, the strategy guide that has formed Microsoft’s thinking since the windows Vista roll out and is the man credited with making Windows 7 a success.

What’s really unusual here is that no one seems to have seen this coming.

Not only that but this has happened at breakneck speed for Microsoft, where even a major cock up seems to allow the sacrificial goat selected a slow demise and graceful handover – Not that Sinofsky seems to have made any mistakes.

There may be more to this story but whether we get to hear it will be another matter.

Steven – for giving us windows 7 and consigning Win Vista to the “OS we don’t talk about” folder we thank you and wish you well.

More here:
and here is his letter to staff

Stop Press!

Julie Larson-Green has been appointed to fill his shoes: <a href="; title="Daily Mail Article" target="_blank" article.


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