Have you met Sal from Khan Academy?

Sal brings Chalk and Talk into the 21st Century.

Sal is the sort of tutor that everyone wishes they had at school.

His patient calm delivery of topics via video with a siKhan Academymple “chalk and talk” style and plenty (& I do mean plenty) of examples.

I first stumbled onto Sal when I was floundering due to my lack of knowledge concerning combinations and permutations in a recent course. I needed a quick shot in the arm of knowledge to get me over a sticking point and thats exactly what I got.

You learn the subject from the video and use the practice test to check the knowledge. To compliment the test questions there are multiple level nested hints in case you are stuck and worked answers in case you are really stuck.

My daughter is keen to learn how to code web pages and do some programming. At 12. Luckily the site also supports coaching. Her maths is lacking a little to do anything really interesting so I have been introducing her to binary math (how do you count to 31 on one hand?) and Sal has been giving her a kick start on Linear Algebra.

12 years olds are only allowed on the site if coached by an adult, so barring a real adult being available I stepped up to the plate.

The result – one very proud 12 year old. An hour later she is adding & multiplying matrices like a pro. She also has a series of encouraging shields “good listener”, “great listener” and “proficiency badges”.

Summing up Kahn Academy – In her words – “Awesome!”

You can visit Khan Academy by clicking here.


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