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Spying on Santa – Protecting the big man or just snooping the naughty lists?

Shock news – NORAD changes it’s Santa tracking software! In recent news that’s bound to excite children everywhere NORAD, those defenders of the North Atlantic Airspace, have enhanced their Santa Tracker application.   NORAD have been tracking the big man since the cold war made things dicey for independent international hypersonic travelers. In the Beginning […]

Is 2013 the year Social Media needs to pay it’s own rent?

2013 – Social Media needs to pay it’s way. Sunday’s media roundup brought me an interesting article on social Media in 2013 from Forbes: “5 ways Social media will change the way you work”. Before you zone out thinking – “oh not another article on how Social Media will replace traditional business” The tag-line isn’t […]

Surface to be sold retail at UK outlets!

John Lewis to sell  Surface RT in UK   As an update to my post below it has been announced that John Lewis is stocking Microsoft Surface RT and you can get them on-line at the link. I am probably going to opt for a Toshiba Ultrabook in the new year and not convinced that […]

Surface to be sold retail at UK outlets!

US & Australia first – rest of world later. If you are frustrated that you can only buy a Surface on-line this could be good news. Microsoft has announced that the surface is going to be sold retail in pop up shops around the world according to the REG This article gives us the faint […]

Information visualisation for fun

Sometimes even something as simple as a time line can be fascinating. In this case La Lettura in conjunction with ACCURAT have put together a time line of Nobel Prizes & Nobel Laureates in a fascinating and (to me at least) beautiful way. You can see the result at the La Lettura site. If that […]

Still leaving the front door to your virtual life unlocked?

The List of Shame If your password is 12345678,  password1  or trustno1 you should really think about changing it! The Register has published a list of the top 25 passwords in use and if yours in in the list you may as well be leaving the house with a sign on your back saying “I’m […]

Tutor/Mentor Connection and Social Network Analysis

A tutor network and and SNA project isn’t the most obvious match. Daniel Bassill  is a prolific blogger who produces a truly enviable amount of quality posts on the Tutor Mentor Connection website . This site is appealing on two levels – The first because mentoring is a noble cause and one I support as I had a […]

Why we need to teach computer security in school

If you think that hacking is confined to attacking your PC – think again.  The high-profile attack on Iran’s centrifuges showed that malware can effect real world devices but what about more mundane devices. Could they effect your phone –  yep – have you even considered that a pacemaker could be hacked? What about the […]

Just a thought – Why don’t we have Mind Machine interfaces on our PC’s

How much for a thought control harness for your PC? – try $299. That’s right  – EMOTIV offer thought control harnesses through their website Check here if you think I’m kidding . The software range is a little limited at the moment but there are a few games etc. available free on their website but just imaging the bragging […]

ATM ate your card – or did it???

It’s a horrible thought that 10 minutes after you thought the ATM ate your card it could be used to buy tickets on the tube or shop online.  We are all used to seeing warnings about covering your pin – but that doesn’t make much difference if the thief actually has your card and those […]