ATM ate your card – or did it???

It’s a horrible thought that 10 minutes after you thought the ATM ate your card it could be used to buy tickets on the tube or shop online.  We are all used to seeing warnings about covering your pin – but that doesn’t make much difference if the thief actually has your card and those magic last few digits on the back.

So how does this work?

A would be thief inserts a thin metal trap into the ATM card socket waits until it has eaten your card  and then removes it as you walk away muttering.

Check the advice from your bank on how to avoid this sort of scam but consider the following friendly advice – If your card is eaten phone the bank immediately!

You can get more info on this and more ATM scams at Krebs On Security .

I would also recommend checking out his excellent series on ATM skimmers   – you might never use one again!


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