Tutor/Mentor Connection and Social Network Analysis

A tutor network and and SNA project isn’t the most obvious match.

Daniel Bassill  is a prolific blogger who produces a truly enviable amount of quality posts on the Tutor Mentor Connection website .

This site is appealing on two levels –

  • The first because mentoring is a noble cause and one I support as I had a mentor in my early career and it proved invaluable.
  • The second is because he is using a variety of technologies to help including blogging, GIS and SNA

His site is a good repository of links to articles and features on SNA but the jewel in the crown is the paper available at Scribd entitled “Use of Social Network Analysis (SNA) to show growth of networks focused on common purpose” . It’s detailed, well reasoned and illustrated with some great graphics.

It’s certainly one of the best I have seen to date and could well set the the yardstick for this sort of document.

Daniel is quick to credit his interns for their work and when you see work like this analysis by Mina Song and Chul Wan Park you can understand why  – Check here for some awesome media work by other interns.

Only one last thing to say:- Keep up the good work Daniel!

TMC SNA diagram

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