Surface to be sold retail at UK outlets!

John Lewis to sell  Surface RT in UK

As an update to my post below it has been announced that John Lewis is stocking Microsoft Surface RT and you can get them on-line at the link.

I am probably going to opt for a Toshiba Ultrabook in the new year and not convinced that if win 8 RT will be man enough or if I will use Win 7 pro. Toshiba and I go back a way and I am in awe of their reliability and robust nature (and know that they haven’t paid me a dime to say this).

US & Australia first – rest of world later.

If you are frustrated that you can only buy a Surface on-line this could be good news. Microsoft has announced that the surface is going to be sold retail in pop up shops around the world according to the REG

This article gives us the faint hope that if you have been holding out for Santa to bring you a Surface for Christmas you might just be able to pick one up in a shop rather than waiting in for the courier.

Still no Win 8 Pro version though.

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