Spying on Santa – Protecting the big man or just snooping the naughty lists?

Shock news – NORAD changes it’s Santa tracking software!

In recent news that’s bound to excite children everywhere NORAD, those defenders of the North Atlantic Airspace, have enhanced their Santa Tracker application.   NORAD have been tracking the big man since the cold war made things dicey for independent international hypersonic travelers.

In the Beginning

The story goes back to the early days of NORAD when a fortuitous mistake meant that a store inadvertently printed the NORAD hotline number in a local paper (or so they say*) resulting in the Commander on duty taking calls from children worried for Santa’s safety.  Being a good American (and thereby ensuring his family’s place on the nice list) Colonel Harry Shoup hopped onto the radar and gave out phone updates to worried children as well as ensuring that no aircraft were sent to intercept.

Santa Tech ensures his safety

It’s pretty safe to say that Santa was never in any real danger as even the state of the art fighters sent up last year to escort him in had trouble keeping up for long even though he was on his deceleration phase.

Santa’s tech is awesome.

Santa's Sleigh tech!

Of course this year there will be another service offered by Google (their Don’t be evil motto is apparently Santa endorsed**).

Another reason for the update?

As to why the tech needed such a drastic update?
The big man himself was too busy to quote for us***, but one of his elves did go “off the record” saying that the inclusion/exclusion of state leaders from the nice list gives important tactical information as to the intentions of that country in the upcoming 12 months.

Your help needed ensuring Santa’s Safety

The best way of ensuring Santa’s safety is of course for young children who still have faith in the big man to watch the skies and wish him safe passage. Of course watching him on the Santa tracker can’t help but keep some nations honest!

A Merry Christmas to you all.

President Obama with SantaPresident Putin with Santa

Those links again!

NORAD Santa Tracker application

Santa Tracker by Google

* this could have been a leak by a concerned staff member – imagine the consequences of someone mistaking Santa for an incoming hostile – a naughty list mistake for sure.
** This may just be rumor…
*** Santa does give interviews, but they are rare…
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