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Facebook Graphical Search – How do I get it?

And why would I want to? There’s been a lot of discussion on Facebook’s new search system on the Tech pages however it’s in a limited beta which means only a select few get to play with it. This sort of sucks for those of us who aren’t “in the know” and would like to […]

Code Academy – is it for seasoned programmers?

Can an old timer learn a new programming language via Code Academy? About a decade ago I swore off learning new languages. I was a C++ fan, knew enough Java to get by and had tired of the usual treadmill that involved buying an O’Reilly book reading it and working through the exercises. Don’t get […]

How a morning coffee saves my bacon!

Starting a business is always bit of a struggle and I hear “sorry we can’t do that” more than “Ok we’ll make that happen”. So it’s nice to be able to thank other businesses that make my life easier. It’s snowing here and my daughter needs to get to school. It’s a 40 minute hike […]

Analyse your Facebook Network – for free!

The Easy way to get a comprehensive analysis of your Facebook profile. If you don’t know Wolfram Alpha you are in for a treat.  Alpha is described as a “computational knowledge engine” and is capable of running sophisticated analyses on a wide range of data – free and on-line. One of the things Alpha can analyse is […]

ROI on Social Media – provable or not?

A hot topic where opinions are deeply held that generates a great debate. Social Media Today hosted a webinar on the hot topic of whether it was possible to prove a return on investment in social media.   In part of their “best thinkers webinar series”  Maggie fox hosted a contentious lively debate that can listen to […]

Social Media ROI Webinar – 15th Jan.

Proving Social Media ROI: What is Engagement Worth? Social Media Today are running a seminar on the 15th Jan about proving return on investment in Social Media.  The event requires preregistration so if you want to attend get clicking here now. Hat Tip Elaine Walton for bringing this to my attention.

Tablet computers – are they still the future?

Tablet Computers Are they really replacing PC’s? Tablets are replacing desktops  for some people who are primarily data consumers that undertakes little in the way of data input or content creation , often with a laptop as a backup. Laptops are also pushing the desktop off it’s pedestal, using less electricity and being portable they […]

A Fuji Bridge camera with 42x zoom!

Fujitsu launch the HS50EXR I have 3 Fuji bridge cameras dating back years – The most current one is a HS20 EXR with what last year was an impressive 30x optical zoom. Now fuji have just launched a newer model the HS50EXR with a 42 time optical zoom at CES. 42 x magnification is getting […]

Valve opens up about its new console!

Steam Developer hot under the collar about console designed to run with big screens on HD. Valve is famous for Half Life 2 and Left for Dead 1 & 2. If call yourself a PC gamer and you don’t know these titles you should don the onesies of shame, sign up to Steam and download Left For […]

How do you pick a business bank for a Limited Company?

My latest blog posting about how I’m putting together a Limited Company as a start up is on those two scariest of topics: TAX & Banking.  Get either wrong and it’ll make your life difficult. After choosing an Accountant choosing the right bank is a vital decision for a business.  The wrong banking partner can […]