Valve opens up about its new console!

Steam Developer hot under the collar about console designed to run with big screens on HD.

Valve is famous for Half Life 2 and Left for Dead 1 & 2.

If call yourself a PC gamer and you don’t know these titles you should don the onesies of shame, sign up to Steam and download Left For Dead 2, not to emerge until you have earned enough achievements that yuo can again hold your head high.

If you are not a gamer then you are forgiven for not knowing that these games changed the nature of the market by virtue of the fact that you downloaded them from Steam, bought an license key and started playing.  Steam then provides regular updates and bug fixes from the developer as they are generated.

So it is a big thing for PC Gamers to see a console that promises PC quality graphics at big screen TV size in their living room, all in the size of a box that is supposed to fit comfortably in your hand.  All that and it’s pretty too, judge for yourself from the image links below and click through to thank the nice people for providing them.

most precious, yes indeed!

most precious, yes indeed!


Told you!

Told you


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