A Fuji Bridge camera with 42x zoom!

Fujitsu launch the HS50EXR

I have 3 Fuji bridge cameras dating back years – The most current one is a HS20 EXR with what last year was an impressive 30x optical zoom.

Now fuji have just launched a newer model the HS50EXR with a 42 time optical zoom at CES.

42 x magnification is getting into the realms of a spotter scope sort of magnification and most people would want to use a tripod or monopod for that sort of zoom.

At that zoom taking pictures of wildlife becomes easier and more fulfilling for those of us who don’t want to spend all day stalking up to an animal in the hope of getting a good snap. In my view manual zoom at those levels is more precise and allows for better framing than using zoom in/zoom out buttons.

I love the vibrancy of Fujitsu’s colour and find their units very easy to use, making it my ideal choice as someone who isn’t a professional photographer, but still expects good pictures and likes to get “up close and personal” with wildlife subjects.

Looks like I won’t be buying this one from Jessops though – I feel for those guys who always gave exceptional service.

To prove the point about colour – here’s one I took earlier with my HS20.


Image Copyright Martin House 15/1/2012

Fujitsu link


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