Facebook Graphical Search – How do I get it?

And why would I want to?

There’s been a lot of discussion on Facebook’s new search system on the Tech pages however it’s in a limited beta which means only a select few get to play with it.

This sort of sucks for those of us who aren’t “in the know” and would like to try the system for ourselves and make up our own minds about how good or bad it is and whether in fact the Mayans were actually predicting the end of the world as regards to personal privacy* rather than an impending meteor strike.

The good news is that you can sign up to the waiting list here.

I don’t use the search facility in Facebook to find people or things, rather preferring to use the “outside in” route of having Google take the strain.  Facebook does a good job of recognizing my interests from posts and suggesting ads so there is no reason I can see that this won’t live up to its’ promise.

There’s a video demonstrating what it’s intended to do on the sign up page, but the brief synopsis appears to be as follows.

Search for;

  •  friends who share interests, location and occupation,
  • pictures of friends undertaking specific activities or from certain dates, places, events etc,
  • videos of friends.

Results are displayed in a graphical manner rather than text so it could be that this will beat Google hands down from now on.

I eagerly await my invite to the trial.

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