Think your business can opt out from Social Media – you may wish to think again!

Do you know how you look on Social Media?

In Social Media Terms not engaging with a particular service is a calculated risk.

What isn’t obvious is that the choice is not “do or not do”.  The choice is “do I control how we are presented, or do I allow others to do so”.

As a business it’s a wise idea to run a regular search on common search engines and social media sites to see how you are being portrayed, especially if you have decided NOT to generate your own presence on that service.

A good example of how you could end up with an unintentionally negative persona is via Facebook’s new search facility.

This shows “pages” when someone searches your business. Your own page will be top of the list if you have generated one, however the “pages” below are automatically generated from pictures in which your business is tagged, or where people have “checked in” to your site. This is all well and good if the pictures are positive, however not so hot if the picture was of the type featuring someone falling down drunk outside your establishment or otherwise misbehaving.
These pages also include a list of “near here” establishments often including alternative venues to your own.

Bottom line: – Sooner or later you will feature on Social Media, it pays to keep an eye on how that develops.

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