Backing up Facebook – you do back up your social media – don’t you?

If the answer is no please, please read this!

You invest time and often money into your social media sites.
Photos you upload and comments you cherish are there, along with notes and other things that you would rather not lose.

So backing it up makes sense.

If you are under the impression that because your “stuff” is on a social networking site you don’t need to back it up consider this scenario.

Ever day social accounts are hacked or subject to phishing attacks.

Still don’t think it can happen to you?

Just imagine that there you are working away on your social site when up comes a box “connection to xxx lost – please refresh your login” – The box is a popup and looks exactly like the one you usually see when you log in, right down to the ssl lock in the top corner.

So you re-enter your details and continue – Nothing bad seems to happen.

Except it wasn’t from the networking site at all.

A combination of clever graphics and scripting have turned a normally harmless advertisement placement into a phishing attack to steal your login and reset your password whilst you continue to work.

You may not even realise until you try to login again or you may see the email announcing the password change. Whichever happens you regain control of your account to see that you have sent offers of cheap knock off medication (or worse) to all your friends and worse still your valued stuff has been deleted to make way for a library of advertising rubbish or porn or both.
You may even find a cheeky message offering to sell you a copy of the stuff they deleted.

Hopefully now you understand one of the reasons you would want to back up your social media stuff.

Want to know how – here’a a short how to videos for exporting a Facebook account.

(this doesn’t work for pages – covered in a later post)

Want to know more

If you want to know more about phishing attacks please read the authority on this sort of thing Bruce Schneier : Schneier on Security
Here’s a link to a twitter phishing story
The secure phishing trick
Just how good phishing has become.

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