A Mooc success story – Neal Rauhauser

An e-Learning Mooc Success story.

Neal comes across through his writing as a modest sort of gent so firstly let me apologise for dragging him under the spotlight.

His blog is an exemplar of the type of well informed advocacy site that will come to dominate the blog sphere in years to come, at least in my humble opinion.

What makes Neal so special is that he is improving the quality of his work using MOOC courses.

Which makes Neal one of the poster children for how MOOCs can help to improve the world through helping people like Neal up skill.

If you are in L & D or interested in what can be achieved with a Mooc look at Neals summary of last year here:


In one of the best self reviews I have ever read he modestly examines each course and recounts the
benefit he received against his expected return
when he booked himself onto them. The courses are from Coursera which is one of the more traditional Moocs with set timetables.

In the interest of full disclosure I am a great fan of Moocs, having taken several courses myself.
I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t include at least 1 Mooc course into their professional development plan
for this year.

In summary I highly recommend Neals post & his blog to you. http://nealrauhauser.wordpress.com

In the words of one of my customers who paid me the best compliment I have yet received –
Neal “You rock”

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