Re-blogging an article feels like cheating, so I rarely do it. This is good enough to warrant re-blogging whole. Way to write Meena.

What do you Meena?

blogMedia (mobile, social, digital, print, broadcast) is a deep field which is ever changing. And change doesn’t necessarily mean bad or good. Just as risk isn’t inherently bad. They both make way for innovation. This is where we have a chance to pay tribute to the old ways, while challenging the idea for successive moves. Founder of TBWA Advertising agency, Jean-Marie said ‘Disruption is not destruction. It is creation’. As much thought goes into the creation of a new concept as goes into its delivery.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat – Sun Tzu

I enjoy reading and writing new and exciting concepts, planning the way communication is delivered and understanding the strategic importance your input has to the wider picture. I might be creating marketing copy for a client, thinking of a brand new engagement campaign or watching an ingenius new television advert…

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