The power of SNA to unravel influencers from Robot Sheep

The problem with cyberspace is that you never know who, or what you are listening to…

This excellent work on analysis of a suspect twitter grouping by Neal Rauhauser called Plowing Up Astroturf shows how careful analysis of network connections & dynamics can show how twitter can be used to slew opinion.

In this awesome graphic which was produced using Gephi Neal demonstrates how the network is directed by several “control accounts”.

graph of network

I strongly suggest you visit his blog page here and see the work and insight that was required to produce this insightful and beautiful analysis. Even if you can’t follow all the details the overall procedure is fascinating.

This work is one of the best arguments for the visual analysis of data I have seen.

His conclusions are at the foot of the page so if you skip to the bottom and then read from the top it is a little easier to follow the analysis if you aren’t used to analysis.

It seems on Twitter at least androids do dream of electric sheep.

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