ATM Fraud – Why YOU (yes YOU) need to pay attention to when and where you get your cash!

ATM Skimmers – know your enemy.

Here in sleepy Toytown* we don’t expect hi tech crime.

Which makes it pretty much the ideal place for high tech gangs to visit to make a quick couple thousand bucks. I wasn’t as surprised as most at the news that someone had placed a card skimmer on a local ATM.

What probably surprised the attempted thieves was the speed at which they were apprehended. They are probably still asking themselves how they failed so quickly. The answer wasn’t because their method or tech wasn’t up to scratch – they simply stuck out like a sore thumb at a convention of fingers.

That small town distrust of strangers hanging around acting furtively is one of the best security monitoring services available.

Here is the scary thing about card skimmers – Can you spot this is a skimmer?

Card skimmer - Krebs on Security

What about this one – with built in camera?

Another skimmer exposed by Krebs

Covering your pin helps? – yes but not with this variant:

Keypad capture skimmer

If you want to be truly mortified at how darned sneaky these thing are visit the gallery at Krebs on Security

These days I use the ATM in the bank, during office hours unless I have no other choice.

My second choice is cash back at either a large supermarket (where they monitor their staff) or a local store where I know the cashier.

I also pay cash for petrol at service stations I don’t know.

ATM Skimmers – know your enemy.

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*I get to call it Toytown as I was born here and my heart and soul belong here. At least until I win the Euromillions at which point they belong to my own tropical island.

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