Win 8 – Why the heck should anyone change – well here’s why…

Have you discovered Win 8 golden ticket use yet?

It’s always cool to knock the latest version of Windows and with Win 8 it wasn’t hard.
But maybe we have all been too hasty and if you want to know why you are going to have to read on. It’s a bit of a secret, you see.

win 8 proHere’s my abbreviated short list of reasons I didn’t like it:

  • I didn’t feel that the advertising did do much to convince me to change.
  • I didn’t feel the sales blurb gave me a usp.
  • The administration didn’t seem to get any easier for me.
  • There is a new interface to support.
  • Operators need retraining.
  • Microsoft missed the opportunity to integrate kinect
  • I can’t find how to easily multitask!

Seemingly good reasons and it appears that others agree: – although I don’t buy the “this is a ploy to rent you WAS (Windows as a service)” line.

However – Win 8 does have a golden feature and it’s a cool one.

Toshiba organised event last year where Jamie Burgess from Microsoft demonstrated how Win 8 should be used.

Jamie is a Windows and Devices Enterprise Specialist and was demoing one of Win 8’s Unique Sales Proposition(USP).

In a moment of complete clarity I finally “got” Win 8.

Win 8 gives you an interactive information dashboard

Notice the information feed on the tiles below?

It’s USP only becomes obvious once it is connected to your email, social media and other information feeds.

The tiled interface suddenly becomes alive with data.

New email headers appear, Facebook messages pictures and a variety of information are all there in one screen.

There are several roles in an office where the ability to monitor several streams of info at the same time are needed but Win 7 simply doesn’t provide the facility.

Just think of the Sales team handling email enquiries making notes from phone calls accessing CRM, researching customers web details.
At the moment that’s half a dozen different windows open all of which need to be somehow crammed onto a screen maximised,restored and minimised as needed.
Often you need to get separate dashboard applications or services to present this info coherently.

With Win 8 it’s beautifully simple – You check the feed on the tiles, spot what needs attention, click the tile and you go straight to the right program in full screen.
Once you are done release the app from full-screen once it’s no longer needed.
That’s less support calls for people with “lost” windows, concealed dialogue boxes and simply the wrong item open in the wrong office product.

Win 8 is a beautiful dashboard product for those staff who monitor and respond to information.

If you put it on a decent Ultrabook with the right version of office and CRM you will have a nice combination that should improve any information/social media workers effectiveness.

And here’s my vote for coolest Ultrabook at the moment.

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