You think you know what motivates people – watch this and wonder…

Two psychology resources that help you understand why we as humans do what we do.

Both are on applied psychology and include material on what motivates us, but from very different perspectives.

The first is an awesome video presentation on Daniel Pinks Drive

– book review here:

The second is the book “You are not so smart” by David McRaney.

YANSSThe book includes articles from the website as well as a host of new material.

It acts as a potted primer for all those useful and awful cranky effects that humans exhibit such as the Confirmation Bias effect. If you are using Social Media to promote anything it’s worth reading this to either get, or re-acquire an understanding of just how irrational many of the thought processes we have are.

The book is full of examples that make you face these irrational thoughts by rubbing your nose in them.

Still asking yourself – So What?

If you haven’t yet understood the value of these resources to social media then may I suggest that you look at the explanation for the success of Facebook “building” style games here:


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