Monthly Archives: June 2013

Coffee Break Masterclass – Hitachi Vision Book

A coherent strategy is a beautiful thing. It also goes a long way to helping both your staff and your customers know exactly what you are about and why they should trust you with their hard earned cash. We are lucky enough to be able to share in Hitachi’s strategy as they have published their […]

Another Year Older – but am I any wiser?

Reflection is an important part of life. Or at least it should be. It’s embedded into so many management systems I’m not even going to try and list them. It is also the fundamental principle of analysis, so what kind of Analyst would I be if I didn’t reflect what the last year had brought? […]

Video SEO 101 – Coffee Break video – 3 essential tips for video SEO

Bitpod share their 3 tips on video SEO. What makes these tips so important is that Bitpod are one of the very few video companies to have a YouTube certified team member. The advantages of video to business in terms of attracting and engaging customers is worthy of a separate post, however the popularity of […]

Social Media Engagement – Expert opinion on how to build a sustainable strategy.

One of the most vital things my customers & I discuss first is how to resource their strategy. Dr Michael Wu’s (Chief Data Scientist with Lithium, international experts in Social Media) talk on scalability & sustainability is the subject of an excellent exploration of this topic. His points on engagement over social media are well […]

Facebook 101 – Facebooks Starter kit

If you are putting together a Facebook page their pdf is a handy overview. The pdf is quite simple and doesn’t address the finer points but does provide a checklist and some useful embedded links to other resources. Here’s the table of contents: Growing your business with Facebook Make sure your business can be found […]

Facebook 101 – recommended signs

Want to save some time & money on Facebook signs? Facebook supply a pdf full of ready made templates with artwork for, as they put it: Window stickers Cash register stickers Table tents It’s also a handy checklist for the sort of Facebook icons you might want to include in your marketing material. A table […]

Google SEO 101 – Googles own SEO guides.

Get your SEO advice straight from Google! Here are 2 SEO gems on how to make your site as Google friendly as possible. The first is a PDF called the “Google Search Engine Optimization, Starter Guide” and it does exactly what it says on the cover. With chapters covering: SEO Basics Improving Site Structure Optimizing […]

Facebook SEO 101 – Coffee break video on SEO for Facebook pages

Want your Facebook page to be found easily? This short video gives you a really good overview of what you need to do to improve your SEO when you are setting up or revising your Facebook page. Facebook pages can be a good way to engage with existing customers and promote events etc to your […]

Understanding Leadership in 3 minutes – video example..

Most advice I see about leadership most misses this vital point. Leading people is about getting people to buy into what you are doing – however crazy it may seem. You could spend all day talking about the qualities of a leader OR you could watch this short film that shows you, very clearly, what […]

What are businesses doing when times are hard…

I find surveys often throw up some interesting opinions. The Hotelier Survey 2013 is no exception. 90% of hoteliers surveyed agreed the economic climate has had a negative impact. 99% said they needed to focus on sales. Only 31% thought that the environment will improve in 2013. The most significant finding for me was that […]