Understanding Leadership in 3 minutes – video example..

Most advice I see about leadership most misses this vital point.

Leading people is about getting people to buy into what you are doing – however crazy it may seem.

You could spend all day talking about the qualities of a leader OR you could watch this short film that shows you, very clearly, what leadership is – in 3 minutes!

It’s quite amazing the way that this commentator nails something that usually takes psychologists and game theorists hours to explain.

Here’s the points made in bullet form.

  • Stand Out
  • Make yourself easy to follow
  • Embrace your early followers as equals and involve them
  • Make what you are doing public
  • Risk of ridicule reduces with numbers so publicise your numbers!

Remember it’s as important to follow what you consider important as it is to be the leader.

I would love to know who the narrator is and connect with them – if you know who this is please email me martin at social-networks-analysed dot co dot uk

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