Monthly Archives: July 2013

Social Media 101 – using Google Trends to id useful keywords

Want to know what people are looking at on Google? Google Trends is one of the most useful tools in the Social Media Toolbox. It has two primary uses: Checking what is trending on google. Monitoring the usage pattern for your keywords. The first use is obvious – if one of the trending keywords relates […]

Social Media 101 – YouTube on what makes a video go viral?

Kevin Allocca – A YouTube Trend Manager (professional video watcher) gives his view. Of over 48 hours of video uploaded every minute only a tiny fraction will go viral. He credits 3 main factors: tastemakers, communities of participation, unexpectedness To find out what he means by this you will need to watch the video – […]

Coffee Break Master Class – the 3 secrets to being a great Social Marketer

Want to be a Great Social Marketer? Webtrends have produced an excellent article on the difference between a social marketer and a great social marketer. Here’s my brief summary of the main points raised in the article: Track conversion to sales: Clicks such as likes shares etc are valid metrics on the way to a […]

Coffee Break – Social Media 101 – over 100 social sites at a glance!

Want to see an elegant info-graphic of all the common social media sites? Head on over to the Conversation Prism for your own FREE download version. All rights – © 2013 Brian Solis shown here for reference purposes only. There are plenty of uncommon ones listed too. Want to know more – my contact […]