Coffee Break Master Class – the 3 secrets to being a great Social Marketer

Want to be a Great Social Marketer?

Webtrends have produced an excellent article on the difference between a social marketer and a great social marketer.

Here’s my brief summary of the main points raised in the article:

  1. Track conversion to sales:
    Clicks such as likes shares etc are valid metrics on the way to a sale but the bottom line is what makes or breaks a company. Think about Return On Investment (ROI for short).
    How many social contacts result in a sale and at what cost?
  2. If people aren’t engaging – find out why!:
    Those clicks that your advertising pounds are generating aren’t converting use the metrics and some Social Media Analysis skills to determine why it isn’t working.
  3. Personal brands matter:
    Social Media is about the people doing the interacting at both ends of the deal – nameless faceless drones don’t work with social media as it is part entertainment, part business.  Social Currency#1 matters as a measure of how much incentive  your customer has to share and engage with your content.

There is much more in the article and gives plenty of food for thought.


#1 Social currency is an idea promoted by Jonah Berger.

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