Social Media 101 – using Google Trends to id useful keywords

Want to know what people are looking at on Google?

Google Trends is one of the most useful tools in the Social Media Toolbox.

It has two primary uses:

  • Checking what is trending on google.
  • Monitoring the usage pattern for your keywords.

The first use is obvious – if one of the trending keywords relates to a service or product you are selling then you should be seeing a rise in your traffic and it’s time to review your SEO etc. if you are not.
It also allows you to id keywords you could be using but aren’t.

The second is more important day-to-day. By clicking the “explore” menu and searching your keywords, you can see the trends for the keywords you are targeting.

If SEO is an important part of your strategy then keeping an eye on this is a really good idea.

Here’s the trend graph for “Social Media Analysis“:

sma interest

You also get a location graph:

sma interest locations

It’s worth noting that you can embed both of these into a webpage to make this task easier, or to show off to your investors.

You can find Google Trends at:

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