Social Media 101 – Getting a video business card – part 1

Planning a video shoot – 3 rules!

After months of research I’m doing something exciting and thought I’d share the fun with you. I am going to commission an introductory video. This is the first of a series of bit sized blog posts about the process and the thoughts that have led to this point.

It takes time, thought and money to produce a worthwhile video.

One thing that stands out from all the advice I have read and my own deliberations is that no-one wants to sit and watch a video of my ramblings about how great my business is (except maybe my mum & dad).

So here are the rules I set myself:

  • Rule 1 – The video has to be interesting.
  • Rule 2 – It has to be short and to the point.
  • Rule 3 – It needs to have a clear call to action.

By interesting I mean it has to have some value to the person who is watching it. My chosen angle is that it needs to say something that they haven’t realised and they walk away thinking that the time taken to watch the was worthwhile.

It also needs to be fun. People won’t watch me for the sake of watching me so I need to “jazz it up” with some effects.

In the weird synchronicity that life sometimes displays having drawn up my list and looking for someone who fit the bill – I found Sebastian from

Sebastian NOT ONLY shoots and edits the video BUT ALSO does GREEN SCREEN EFFECTS!


Next – the storyboard

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