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New Media – “It’s the creative stupid” – Kevin Spacey

In his MacTaggart Memorial lecture Kevin Spacey made some hugely important points. My respect for him just went through the roof. From his opening comment of ‘My banner would be ” It’s the Creative Stupid” ‘through to a well reasoned presentation about the changing nature of how and where we consume content to the whay […]

Social Media 101 – Video & pdf – setting up your LinkedIn Company page

LinkedIn have produced their very own video showing you how to set up a Company Page. You can view it below, but before you rush into setting it up there are a couple of things you will want first – here’s my suggested list: Graphics – A good LinkedIn page needs several custom graphics for […]

Social Media 101 – Getting a video business card – part 1

Planning a video shoot – 3 rules! After months of research I’m doing something exciting and thought I’d share the fun with you. I am going to commission an introductory video. This is the first of a series of bit sized blog posts about the process and the thoughts that have led to this point. […]

Social Media 101 – using Google Trends to id useful keywords

Want to know what people are looking at on Google? Google Trends is one of the most useful tools in the Social Media Toolbox. It has two primary uses: Checking what is trending on google. Monitoring the usage pattern for your keywords. The first use is obvious – if one of the trending keywords relates […]

Social Media 101 – YouTube on what makes a video go viral?

Kevin Allocca – A YouTube Trend Manager (professional video watcher) gives his view. Of over 48 hours of video uploaded every minute only a tiny fraction will go viral. He credits 3 main factors: tastemakers, communities of participation, unexpectedness To find out what he means by this you will need to watch the video – […]

Coffee Break Master Class – the 3 secrets to being a great Social Marketer

Want to be a Great Social Marketer? Webtrends have produced an excellent article on the difference between a social marketer and a great social marketer. Here’s my brief summary of the main points raised in the article: Track conversion to sales: Clicks such as likes shares etc are valid metrics on the way to a […]

Coffee Break – Social Media 101 – over 100 social sites at a glance!

Want to see an elegant info-graphic of all the common social media sites? Head on over to the Conversation Prism for your own FREE download version. All rights – © 2013 Brian Solis shown here for reference purposes only. There are plenty of uncommon ones listed too. Want to know more – my contact […]

Coffee Break Masterclass – Hitachi Vision Book

A coherent strategy is a beautiful thing. It also goes a long way to helping both your staff and your customers know exactly what you are about and why they should trust you with their hard earned cash. We are lucky enough to be able to share in Hitachi’s strategy as they have published their […]

Another Year Older – but am I any wiser?

Reflection is an important part of life. Or at least it should be. It’s embedded into so many management systems I’m not even going to try and list them. It is also the fundamental principle of analysis, so what kind of Analyst would I be if I didn’t reflect what the last year had brought? […]

Video SEO 101 – Coffee Break video – 3 essential tips for video SEO

Bitpod share their 3 tips on video SEO. What makes these tips so important is that Bitpod are one of the very few video companies to have a YouTube certified team member. The advantages of video to business in terms of attracting and engaging customers is worthy of a separate post, however the popularity of […]