Social Media Analysis – The Service

What SMA is and how it benefits your business.

There is a lot of unnecessary hype mystique created around social media making it difficult to see how to use this as a tool for your business.

I’m here to help you cut through the jargon, bells and whistles to help you create a plan detailing:

  • Why you should use social media,
  • What you expect to get out of it,
  • How this fits with your existing sales, marketing and customer service needs,
  • How you will resource this plan.

First step is to meet for a free consultation to establish clear objectives.

After looking at your business & marketing plans and discussing your needs we will identify the particular knowledge and skills you need and draw up a plan to enable you to run and resource a social media campaign as a part of your business.

We put together into a S.M.A.R.T.#1 plan and put it into practice.

You decide when the next session is needed and can ask for support if required.

Session length depends on the size and complexity of the business – SME sessions typically last 1-2 hours.

You keep the control of how much advice you need and aren’t tied into a fixed hours agreement.
This way you get what you need and I have a happy customer.

Martin really helped me to look at how I was marketing my business, the way I could improve aspects of my website and social media presence. He listened to what is important to me and my target market and presented me with you new ideas and inspiration. Fantastic support throughout the entire process.

Joanne Lindsay

#1 Specific, Measurable, Realistic and Timebound

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