Ghost writing

Some days there just isn’t enough time in the week!

We are all in business to make money yet the range of communication expected of us keeps growing and growing and growing. For many companies it isn’t enough just to put up a website, you now need to have a Facebook page, perhaps a LinkedIn Profile and often a Blog as well.

Just where do you find the time to create all this written content, yet alone keep it feeling new, fresh and engaging?

That’s where a ghost writer can help by producing some of your content for you.

You may think of this as cheating and worry that your readers would spot that the article wasn’t written by you straight away. They won’t because the writing will use your voice.

Let me share a little secret with you.

Try and imagine you are reading a book where two characters are talking to each other.

Plumber: Err misses, this ain’t gonna be cheap. There’s a teddy stuffed right round the u bend an it’s wedged so tight it won’t budge!

School Teacher(quietly to Plumber): Damn it!
School Teacher(louder to class): Oh dear. Now then class, Who exactly gave teddy a bath in the toilet?

Writers establish how characters talk to each other all the time, frequently modelling them on people they know or have met in their daily lives.

A ghost writer can write in your voice by examining some of your previous writings, or by talking to you and agreeing how you would like to be portrayed.

After that the process would typically go like this:

  • agree purpose of text and content,
  • agree length,
  • decide audience,
  • Writer drafts text,
  • you personalise text if you wish,
  • Pay the writer and you own the text!

A ghost writer will typically give you the Intellectual Property rights and Copyright to the work produced and undertake not to mention that this work has been undertaken except as required by legal statute.

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