How a morning coffee saves my bacon!

Starting a business is always bit of a struggle and I hear “sorry we can’t do that” more than “Ok we’ll make that happen”.

So it’s nice to be able to thank other businesses that make my life easier.

It’s snowing here and my daughter needs to get to school.

It’s a 40 minute hike across town in good weather at her pace and she needs to be there at 8:30. That means I am in town at EXACTLY the time I need to start work.  That’s where coffee saves the day.

Years at the top of the IT game swilling 20 + cups of coffee a day and eating food at my desk whilst typing emails have left me with a stomach that hates milk and isn’t afraid to let me know as much. Normally this problem is met by a smile and an increased bill for a soya milk coffee or worse yet a blank stare, as if I had suddenly declared that I came from Mars and only drank exotic swamp water.

I have only found two places in my home town don’t do this:

They also take it in their stride and still serve me with a smile and without the customary “awkward customer” look I receive so many other places.

Better still both these places give me free Wifi so I can check my email, respond to the urgent stuff and make a couple of calls before braving the final leg of my return journey.

A growing business lives on coffee and Wifi.
Thanks guys!

Roots Cafe

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