SNA – Easy Facebook analysis with Wolfram Alpha

The Easy way to get a comprehensive analysis of your Facebook profile.

If you don’t know Wolfram Alpha you are in for a treat.  Alpha is described as a “computational knowledge engine” and is capable of running sophisticated analyses on a wide range of data – free and on-line.

One of the things Alpha can analyse is your Facebook network.

Here’s how:-

  • Open your browser and log into Facebook.
  • Go to Wolfram Alpha and enter “Facebook report”.
  • Accept the app installation into Facebook.

Then just follow the on screen prompts – You will likely be asked to create a Wolfram Account, or to log in via your Facebook account .

The first time you run it you may need to re-run the app to get your results.

Here is a sample of the sort of analysis you get.

Facebook network analysis

Which is very good as far as visualization/clique finding algorithms go.

It also supplies a detailed report on postings and an analysis of the demographics of your friends.  Click the images below for full sized versions.

alpha1  alpha2

Part 2 of this series will be an introduction to Facebook Analysis withGephi.

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