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Is helping others develop self esteem one of the greatest leadership traits?

Sometimes you read an article that just so thoughtfully nails an issue that there isn’t anything useful you can add to it. This is one of those articles so I am just going to share it with my recommendation that you read it. Advertisements

Does Adobe really think it’s funny to slap someone into agreement with you?

High horse time – Adobe released an ROI video that shows a boss slapping his manager into agreeing with him. You can check it out here – The slap on you tube or below. What makes a media savvy company think that a video that effectively promotes workplace bullying is appropriate? Workplace bullying costs companies […]

Office 2013 – Will I really need to buy another license if I replace my PC??

Could it be that MS Office 2013 retail will be tied to a single machine without an option to transfer if you upgrade to a newer machine? That’s if this article in The Register is right. In a world where there are several free alternatives to your product (open office, Libre Office and Google Docs […]

The best networking organisation?

If I told you that a single organisation could not only highlight the launch of your new company but encourage other members to use you – you’d consider joining, wouldn’t you?? What about if they also hosted discounted networking meals and exchange events? So what is this mysterious organisation? – none other than the local […]

Facebook Hacked

Proving that a determined hacker can ruin just about any-ones day According to CNN Facebook got hacked. These days having “hack insurance” makes sense if you are a small business as your internet reputation can be quickly damaged by hackers and get expensive to repair. We are awaiting more details but the original report suggests […]

5 Reasons to love e-learning this Valentines day

My Top Reasons to love e-learning: Availability: brushing up on my linear math whilst enjoying a Costa coffee. Equality: E-learning treats everyone the same. Cost: It costs a fraction of the price of a traditional course. Convenience: Most e-learning doesn’t care if you have to take a day out because a customer needs urgent attention. […]

Loving Costa Cappuccino

Do IT Professionals really need a home lab for self development?

A recent article in The Register suggests a number of deeply worrying things: Upkeep of the qualifications is now “un affordable” Employers no longer want to pay to upkeep IT Professionals qualifications IT Pros should keep a dedicated lab at home for career progression Whilst I whole heartedly endorse the concept of being responsible for […]

Mental resilience course helps stressed employees through e-learning!

If you were skeptical about whether  e-learning  can actually change behavior then this should change your mind. As a manager, even one with person experience of helping someone with mental health problems, it’s difficult to know how to help staff who work in a high stress environment.  TFL staff deal with stressed commuters which can’t […]

Just how did Facebook teach it’s new engine to return such good results?

It sounds like a bad joke:  two linguists, a Ph.D. in psychology and statistician join a team of programmers. That apparently is exactly what it takes to provide Facebook’s  new improved search facility. The secret isn’t in refining what you return, but in really understanding what the enquirer is looking for.  The result was a more […]