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Organic vs Viral – what’s the difference?

If you run a page (or pages) in Facebook you will have seen messages about a posts virality. I frequently get asked “what is virality?” The Facebook definition whilst completely accurate doesn’t usually help the questioner understand the concept. Facebook defines virality as : Virality is the number of people who have created a story […]

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In Tests 10 out of 10 business owners said they preferred…

…to know what their customers thought about their products.#1 Market research has long been thought the bugbear of businesses, especially B2C#2 businesses. Testing your product is a vital part of marketing but sample testing has always been expensive enough that only the deeper pockets can afford it. Moreover having spent the money to have researchers […]

Starting a business – here’s a tip you won’t see elsewhere..

The hardest truth to face is you have to motivate yourself. This isn’t my first time in a start-up or my first time as a Director. It IS my first time financing the whole kit and caboodle from my own pocket and that changes your perspective somewhat. Before I started my business I took advice. […]

You owe me a favour – or do you – reciprocity is a funny old thing..

Reciprocity is the tendency for us to return a kindness. It is also one of the most misunderstood tools in sales. The act of making a customer feel special makes them more inclined to favour you with their cash. Pretty obvious huh! Well yes AND no! Give everyone a pen at a marketing event and […]

Video – Science of Persuasion in a nutshell

A great YouTube video on the 6 secrets of the science of persuasion. We would like to thank Kuldip Singh from the Newbies In Social Media group for pointing this out as a follow up to my post Persuasion and the art of Social Influencing. It’s an easy watch and describes 6 of the most trusted […]

Originally posted on What do you Meena?:
Media (mobile, social, digital, print, broadcast) is a deep field which is ever changing. And change doesn’t necessarily mean bad or good. Just as risk isn’t inherently bad. They both make way for innovation. This is where we have a chance to pay tribute to the old ways, while…

Profits going over the Waterfall? – How your development cycle might just alienate your customers..

Good Project Management controls cost and waterfall techniques give the best cost control – or that’s accepted wisdom. Is that really true? – does a linear development process as opposed to an iterative one#1 really give you better cost control? My experience is that it can cost you dearly. The project can come in on […]

The most worrying thing from the Cisco 2013 annual security report…

Is that 89% of people believe the age of privacy is over…. and 45% don’t even care! There is a great infographic over at shown below. If you want the full details you’ll need to visit their site to read the article: It’s full of juicy titbits such as where your daily spam […]

A Mooc success story – Neal Rauhauser

An e-Learning Mooc Success story. Neal comes across through his writing as a modest sort of gent so firstly let me apologise for dragging him under the spotlight. His blog is an exemplar of the type of well informed advocacy site that will come to dominate the blog sphere in years to come, at least […]

Get a copy of your LinkedIn Profile – short video demonstration

It’s really easy to get a copy of your LinkedIn Profile – just watch